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Injury Prevention and

Performance Training

Sportsmetrics: Injury Prevention and Performance Training: Service

Sportsmetrics is the only scientifically proven program to reduce the risk of season ending knee injuries in female athletes. The program was designed to help decrease the frequency of ACL tears in young athletes. All athletes ages 12-18 are welcome to participate in the program. Each training session will be lead by our own certified Sportsmetrics trainer and physical therapist, Dr. Suzy Berland. 

The program consists of a pre- and post-training biomechanic anaysis along with performance based testing to determine each athletes risk and relative improvements after the program. It is a six week program with 90 minute long training sessions consisting of plyometric, speed, agility, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises. The program is progressed from simple jumps and exercises to more complex single leg hops and dynamic exercises. Focus on correct form and landing mechanics is a critical component of the program to keep athletes injury free. 

For more information visit or call our office to find out how to sign up at 406-381-3683.

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