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Get Fit Friday - "Flat Buns Epidemic"
Welcome to Get Fit Friday. This is a weekly blog to go over health tips to keep you in better shape and decrease risk of injury. Today's topic is the "Flat Buns Epidemic". In this video, I will show you a few exercises to isolate your glutes and get those buns built back up! 
Get Fit Friday - "Getting Down to the Core"
In this segment,  I discuss what the inner core stabilizing muscles are and how they work together to stabilize the spine. I demonstrate a series exercises to help activate the core and decrease lower back injuries.
Get Fit Friday - "Posture, Posture, Posture"

In this video, I describe how to improve the strength and position of your spine and shoulders to reduce postural faults such as rounded shoulders and forward head to eliminate the common aches and pains from desk jobs and poor postural adaptations.

Get Fit Friday - "Foam Rolling Fun"

Ever wonder what the purpose of those foam rolls are and how to use them? Watch this video to learn how to use a foam roll  and lacrosse ball to release those tight muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, and legs with these myofascial release techniques!


Get Fit Friday - "Shoulder Stabilization Series"
During this weeks bit, I go over a few exercises to improve shoulder stability to prevent injuries such as rotator cuff tears and impingement syndromes for overhead workers and athletes. These exercises can be done with thera-band and a doorway to anchor the band at various heights.


Get Fit Friday - "Text Neck Dilemma"
Today I explain a few exercises to improve the posture of your neck and eliminate the aches and pains related to forward head posture from working at computer stations, texting, etc. I will show ways to mobilize, stretch, and increase strength in the neck and also demonstrate an easy trick to improve neck posture while sleeping.


Get Fit Friday - "TRX Suspension Training Series"
If you have ever wondered what those yellow and black straps in the gym are used for and what the purpose is this is a few examples of some basic exercises you can try with them. Suspension training is great for incorporating your core muscles into every exercise and uses your own body weight and gravity for resistance. The other great thing is they don't require big machines and can be purchased for home use.


Get Fit Friday - "Exercise Ball Favorites"
In this video, I go over a few of my favorite exercises you can do with a large exercise ball. Some of the exercises are more simple, while others are more advanced. Be sure you are always safe and use support when needed to avoid injury when attempting any new exercise. It may be helpful to have a spotter or something to hold on to when first trying these.



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