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Muscle Recovery and IASTM

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Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention

If you are suffering from a workout or sports injury or having difficulty recovering from a muscle pain, Infinity Health is here to help. We offer 30 minute muscle recovery sessions to get you back to your sport or activity quickly. The goal of the session is to keep your body moving and promote optimal functional movements while preventing further tissue damage.


A physical therapist will lead the muscle recovery session and will perform a quick movement screen prior to initiating any treatments. The session may include instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or "IASTM" using tools like the one in the picture. The tool helps to break up adhesions and improve muscle length to allow muscles to recover more quickly. We may use Kinesiotape to promote blood flow to allow the muscle to heal faster.  The session will also include some stretches and exercises to retrain muscles and decrease compensations before new injuries occur. Don't wait until the problem worsens; get it addressed quickly and get back out there!

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